American Tapestry Biennial

January 12, 2013 - February 23, 2013

The American Tapestry Alliance is pleased to sponsor the 9th iteration of American Tapestry Biennial. Launched in 1996, this premier, international exhibition highlights the best of international contemporary hand woven tapestry. From 110 artists around the world who submitted 223 tapestries, juror Lee Talbot, Associate Curator, Eastern Hemisphere Collections, The Textile Museum, chose 41 tapestries woven by artists from 11 different countries. He says,

“The wide-ranging subjects chosen by today’s tapestry weavers, as varied as the individuals themselves, document the artistic, social, and political values of our age as well as the realities of contemporary life. The artworks assembled in this exhibition illustrate the technical and aesthetic achievement of today’s tapestry weavers while highlighting the diversity of their technical and conceptual approaches. These visually and intellectually engaging tapestries affirm the ongoing vitality and continued relevance of this ancient art form in today’s world.”

Sponsored by: Franklin Electric