Print and Drawing Study Center

Experience the Wonder of Printmaking

Print and Drawing Study Center

The history of American printmaking stretches over the last three centuries and is as vibrant as any other medium in the visual arts. But, many people are unfamiliar with the process of printmaking; it’s a delicate and complex medium. To demystify it and open everyone’s eyes to the rich and engaging realm of prints and printmaking, the Fort Wayne Museum of Art has created the Print and Drawing Study Center (PDSC). Here, the public can explore the many dimensions of prints, their makers and their processes. This center invites the public, veterans and first-time visitors alike, to interact with printmaking and see prints up-close without a glass barrier.

College and university classes, guided tours and individual appointments are available!


Tuesday – Friday: 10am – 3pm
or by appointment

Starting August 12, the PDSC will be open 5-8pm every 2nd Thursday!

Contact Sachi Yanari-Rizzo at 260.422.6467, ext. 336 or  to schedule a visit.