CROSSING LINES: Contemporary Art from Coast to Coast

November 08, 2014 - November 15, 2014

Bringing contemporary art from across the nation to the Crossroads State, ‘Crossing Lines’ is a new exhibition series featuring the freshest contemporary art found in cities of all sizes across America. The debut city for this series is Austin, Texas. Curated by FWMoA Adjunct Curator Josef Zimmerman.

Although similarities between artists and their work may be drawn, the goal of this exhibition series is not to attempt to unify what is happening in studios across America or even within a city. The goal of this series is to explore what artistic voices are saying in response to the many factors that influence artmaking, and what those voices sound like in all corners of the land. Viewers may come to many conclusions about the state of visual art in cities alike or different than Fort Wayne, and it is our goal to put the art in front of you to come to those conclusions on your own.

Featured artists:
Adrian Landon Brooks
Brandon Snow
Brian Imler
Erin Cunningham
Graham Franciose
Jamie Spinello
Jason Eatherly
Laura Latimer
David Lowell
Jason Webb
Nimer Aleck
Mike Johnston