Día de los Muertos 2023

September 23, 2023 - November 05, 2023

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This community-centered exhibition celebrates the Mexican tradition of Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, a festive time for remembering deceased loved ones and ancestors. Ancient civilizations throughout Latin America honored death as an essential part of life. After the Spanish conquest of Mexico, these rituals merged with Catholic observances of All Saints’ and All Souls’ Days on November 1 and 2. Modern Day of the Dead celebrations blend both cultures and continue to evolve, adapting new traditions as the holiday grows in popularity on both sides of the border.

Our exhibition features memorial altars, or ofrendas, places to leave offerings so the souls of the departed might find their way home and be nourished upon their arrival. Symbolic objects like sugar skulls, candles, colorful cut-tissue paper banners, bold marigolds, and monarch butterflies fill a gallery in celebration. Evolving from altars built in the home to honor deceased loved ones, altars in public spaces are often constructed in remembrance of those who have died for a cause or as a result of injustice.

We invite artists, families, and community groups around the region to honor a lost loved one or other important figure by constructing an altar in the museum. Apply by August 1 for consideration. Those selected for exhibition will be notified by August 8.
Altar application: English | Español

If you would like to honor a loved one without constructing an altar, contribute to our Community Altar! Participants may submit the name of a loved one for staff to write on a butterfly, or they can complete the form to bring in a framed photo or other personal item to place on the altar.
Please fill out the form here: English | Español

Dia de los Muertos at FWMoA is sponsored by Partners 1st Federal Credit Union. 

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