Expressions of Existence

March 11, 2017 - June 11, 2017

Drawn entirely from the Fort Wayne Museum of Art’s permanent collection, this exhibition brings together the work of artists who have forthrightly addressed, in varying ways, the effects of physical and mental disability on the creation of art. In the face of opposition, the artists in this exhibition created awe-inspiring artworks that ask us to thoughtfully muse on the inherent hardships and happinesses of being.

The work, which spans the years 1797 to 2013, is not a display of disability but an expression of all lives which are at once comparable and contrastable–synchronous but separate. With the utmost respect, we present visual expressions of humankind. Viewing them today raises a substantial question: How does one express existence? This exhibition includes works by Wesley Neal Rasko, Marie Laurencin, Chuck Close, Ginny Martin Ruffner, Andy Warhol, and Francisco Goya, among others.

April 29, 10am: Tour for the blind and visually impaired
For the very first time, we are proud to announce a tour for the blind and visually impaired. On this tour, an experienced guide will discuss the art of this exhibition in vivid, descriptive terms that will create powerful mental imagery for those who cannot see it themselves. Tour is free with museum admission.

May 4, 12:15pm: Curator’s Tour
From a specialized and personal point of view, exhibit curator Tiffany Street, with Chief Curator Charles Shepard, will take you on a guided tour of this exhibition. Sign language interpreter will be present. Tour is free with museum admission.

This exhibit is presented along with ECHOLILIA and Sharon, forming a triad of exhibitions exploring the impact of disability on the creation of art.

These exhibitions have been made possible by the AWS Foundation.