Marlene Rose: Cultural Blueprints

June 01, 2019 - August 04, 2019

Marlene Rose is a sculptor who uses relatively new techniques that builds upon the ancient tradition of bronze casting. Each piece is hand cast from molten glass into a unique and modern work of art that resonates with references and allusions to ancient cultures and civilizations.

Rose is an internationally-known award-winning sculptor who produces stunningly beautiful works of art in her chosen medium, sand-cast glass. With her work, there is a rawness and immediacy to working the sand of the mold, and the thrill and the danger of pouring this magical lava, thousands of degrees hot. There is the patient gestation of the work in the cooling oven. Then, at last, there is the joy of meeting the product of sand, glass, fire and thought, as the piece is finally bought into the light.

This exhibition is sponsored by Anonymous (2), Sweetwater Sound and Chuck and Lisa Surack, Kathy Callen and John Powell, and Kathleen Summers, through their generous gifts to the 2018 FWMoA Annual Appeal. Additional support is provided by Bill and Linda Becker.