More than Four Walls: Photographs by Lucy M. Seaton

November 30, 2019 - February 16, 2020

Home is a memory. Home is a haven. Home is history. The house witnesses all the events that take place inside and connects all of the people that reside within. In this exhibition of photography by Lucy M. Seaton, the artist searches for home in her haunting compositions and shows us how our physical homes indelibly mark us.

Seaton was juried into the FWMoA exhibition The National: Best Contemporary Photography 2018 and was awarded the Exhibition Prize that year.

“My entire adult life has been spent looking for home. A place I belong.

While editing my work for this show, I determined that I have moved at least 27 times. I suppose I would call these “temporary homes.” I imagine I will have several more temporary homes before I die.

Each move had a motive behind it. A divorce, a new job, a lost job, a break up, a parent to care for. I moved back and forth between Northern California and Southern California many times. The fear of being stuck in a place I don’t belong increases my anxiety to find the perfect home. I know there is no such thing as a perfect home or a perfect town; yet, I keep searching.”

Lucy M. Seaton