Chen Rongjun 陈荣钧, Record Longxi 记写龙西, 2023, ink and color on paper. On loan from the artist.

Poetry in Painting: Scenes from Fort Wayne’s Sister City Taizhou, China

July 22, 2023 - September 17, 2023

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Landscape painting is a traditional form of Chinese art with a history spanning over 1500 years. It reflects the deepest deposition of human emotions and displays the cultural heritage, classical charm, and temperament of the Chinese nation. Painters use their experiences in nature to perceive its essence, thus nourishing their own personalities and nurturing their affections for mountains and waters.

Taizhou Jiufeng Landscape Painting Academy is a nonprofit public culture and art group, named after the local Jiufeng Mountain in Taizhou, China. Six members from the group—Chen Rongjun, Chen Tianye, Tao Ji, Chen Jiali, Xin Yunying, Dai Xuezhao—present a collection of stunning landscapes in their debut show in the United States. In each brushstroke, they incorporate their pursuit of poetic and spiritual needs, emphasize their interest in nature, pursue ancient and secluded beauty, and express their wish for harmonious coexistence between humanity and nature through various artistic styles. Their paintings pay homage to the majestic mountains and seas in Taizhou and the Road of Tang Poetry in Eastern Zhejiang, a scenic cultural route that once drew the nation’s most prominent poets to the area.

The exhibition’s iteration in Fort Wayne, held by Taizhou Jiufeng Landscape Painting Academy and created in partnership with Fort Wayne Sister Cities International, is purposed to boost mutual understanding and cultural communication between Chinese and Western cultures through art.

This exhibition is supported by the Edward D. and Ione Auer Foundation.