Systemic Abstraction: John Collins McCormick, Kamilah Campbell, and Carly Schmitt

August 18, 2012 - October 14, 2012
Contemporary Regional Gallery

Guest curated by Dan Swartz, Wunderkammer Company

The Fort Wayne Museum of Art presents its second project with Wunderkammer Company, Systemic Abstraction: John Collins McCormick, Kamilah Campbell, and Carly Schmitt, an exhibition exploring the tangible connections between the artist and the abstract image.  Often misunderstood as being non-referential, a great deal of abstract art is deeply related to the nature of the human body and its perceptions.

Through comparisons between the artist’s markings and images exploring the psychological abstraction of the figure, Systemic Abstraction asks the viewer to re-examine the boundaries between the illusory and the real. Wunderkammer Company intends for the viewer to complete the conceptual cycle, recognizing realistic images as only really being a combination of brushstrokes with color, and abstraction as actually mimicking the interior thought process of recognition.

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