Theotokos: Contemporary Visions of Mary by Elly Tullis

November 30, 2019 - March 08, 2020

Due to preparations for the museum’s annual fundraiser, the ArtRageous Gala and Auction, this exhibition will be closed to the public March 4-6.

In this exhibition, Tullis has been inspired by the masters of art history to create over 30 contemporary acrylic paintings of Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

Though artists throughout the ages have depicted her as beautiful, history hasn’t recorded her particular features. In these paintings, Tullis explores the beauty of Mary through inspiration from history’s master painters as well as her own interpretations of Mary.

Artist Statement
“When we think of Mary, we often picture some version of a statue draped in blue made of ceramic or plastic. Often times her image is generic, not possessing the unique essence of a human being. Mary was fully human even though she was conceived without original sin. No one really knows what she looked like, though assuredly she was beautiful. Artists have painted her image throughout the centuries using women from their own time and hometowns as models.  I’ve taken inspiration from history’s master painters and their interpretations of Mary as well as a few of my own. While the women are quite varied, the truth lies in the heart of each painting.  Mary was an unparalleled individual, fully human. It’s easy to conclude that she was superhuman or divine, untouched by the harshness of reality, but she was a real living person that walked this earth, and now reigns as Queen of Heaven and Earth. Our Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary.”

-Elly Tullis