Dennis McNett, American, b. 1972. Tale of the Rainbow Crow, mixed media installation, 2015. Purchase, 2018.295.1-.54

Transformed Spaces: Art Beyond the Frame

July 01, 2023 - September 10, 2023

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Contemporary artists are increasingly exploring dynamic and immersive artforms that engage the senses and challenge traditional notions of space and time. In this multi-faceted approach to artmaking, various media including installation, video, sculpture, painting, and performance are utilized to inspire new perspectives and ways of seeing the world. By inviting the viewer to actively participate in the work, both in its creation and reception, these unconventional artworks transform and interact with the environment, challenging preconceptions of what art is and what it can be.

The collection of the Fort Wayne Museum of Art includes many examples of art that extend beyond the frame. This exhibition highlights these pieces which are not often in the spotlight due to their size or complex nature. Featured works are by Brett Amory, Dennis McNett, Joel Daniel Phillips, Lucien Shapiro, and Chuck Sperry.

This exhibition is curated by Josef Zimmerman, Curator of Contemporary Art. This exhibition is supported by the Edward D. and Ione Auer Foundation.