Christina Bothwell: Spirit into Matter

June 27, 2015 - September 13, 2015

Part of the Summer of Glass, this solo exhibition by sculptor Christina Bothwell features dream-like figures in glass and stone, each transcending this reality into another existence that calls us to contemplate birth, life, death, and renewal.


From the artist:


“What lies below the surface fascinates me and I try to capture the qualities of the “unseen” that express the sense of wonder that I feel in my daily existence. I am attracted to glass because it can do everything that other sculptural media can; in addition, it offers an inner space and transmits light.

My subject matter includes babies, animals, and children as they embody the essence of vulnerability that is the underlying theme in my work. Currently I am exploring metamorphosis as a topic, and have been incorporating figures within figures in my pieces. Within each glass figure there is a smaller figure seen through the surface of the glass.

I think of these pieces as souls, each being pregnant with their own potential, giving birth to new, improved versions of themselves.”

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