Fernando Lozano: We Remember

October 02, 2021 - November 28, 2021

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In this exhibition, Fernando Lozano will create an installation honoring those who have lost their lives to Covid-19 from around the country. Through a series of short, contributed video tributes, Lozano will create small, digital based altars memorializing people from each state who died from Covid-19.

In the words of Lozano, “Dia de los Muertos, the tradition where we remember our loved ones, is also the time that allows you to say goodbye to those lost. For this reason, I am giving the entire country the chance to remember their loved ones.”

Everyone in the country from each state are invited to submit a short video honoring their loved one to be a part of Lozano’s installation. We encourage everyone to participate!

A message from the Artist:

My name is Fernando Lozano, and I am a resident of Vincennes, Indiana and a digital and mixed media artist. Last November, I was part of The Fort Wayne Museum of Art Día de los Muertos exhibit. As you may know, “Día de los Muertos” is the day to remember people who are no longer with us.  At the beginning of this year, I received a call from the museum inviting me to be part of the 100th anniversary.

After some thought, and because at that time we were reaching half a million deaths due to COVID-19, I decided to create the Día de los Muertos WE REMEMBER art installation. The installation will allow the community to honor their loved ones lost to COVID-19 by submitting a video that becomes part of the art installation

I know the pain many people are going through. I know how hard it is to say goodbye to a loved one, and how difficult it is to get up and face the world! And it is even harder when we don’t get a chance to say goodbye. No one is ever ready to say goodbye. One thing that helped me when I lost my son many years ago, was and still is, the ability to remember him!

I tell people who dare to ask me, “How are you?” That I am sewing my soul piece by piece. That the memories of him laughing will always be in my heart.

I describe what happened to my family as if a grenade had exploded in the middle of my house wounding all my family. And by reading some of the posts by people who lost someone, I can see that an explosion went off in the middle of the nation and now we have hundreds of our neighbors, family, and friends suffering.

As the country is ready to open up and celebrate, millions of Americans are suffering, and we as a nation are not fully feeling their pain and sadness. If we are calling ourselves the compassionate nation, then we need to start by being sensitive to our neighbors, family, and friends.

I need your help! Could you promote the Día de los Muertos WE REMEMBER art installation? You would do me great favor by sharing this on social media and emailing it to your friends. I’d be happy to have your support.

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Be a part of this exhibition!

Acknowledging the suffering and loss of many lives in our nation this past year due to the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, we invite you to participate!

Submit a video honoring the memory of your loved one and be a part of the 50 state “Día de los Muertos We Remember” Art Installation. Día de los Muertos, the tradition where we remember our loved ones, is also the time that allows you to say goodbye to those you have lost.

To submit your video, use this link: https://form.jotform.com/ddlmweremember/2021
The video should not be more than 30 seconds, stating your name, where you live, your state and how they wish to honor or remember the person or persons. Please include your information on the body of the email in case we need to contact you.

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