Meridian: Paintings and Ceremonial Art by Tobi Kahn

March 21, 2015 - June 07, 2015

With support from the Jewish Federation of Fort Wayne, The Gerson Family, Sharon and Ben Eisbart, and Kris Gray and Rabbi Cattapan.

Seeing the spiritual, and even the most mundane aspects of our cultural landscape, Tobi Kahn presents paintings that are as much about our feelings for space as the space itself. For thirty years, Kahn has been steadfast in the pursuit of his distinct vision and persistent in his commitment to the redemptive possibilities of art. In paint, stone, and bronze, he has explored the correspondence between the intimate and monumental.

From the Artist:

“I have always believed that art can be redemptive, a powerful force in mending the world. In the face of the world’s instability, I want to reveal not the evident reality but its essence.

These works of space and ceremony make visible a quest to purify what we remember into archetypes. They are meant to suggest the paradox of our lives–that memory is continually being transformed by imagination, turning the past into a dream of how we might live.

In all my work, I am trying to distill the complex beauty of the world into its elemental forms, while evoking the mystery beneath such seeming simplicity.

“Meridian” reflects my memory of nature’s sublime moments at their zenith. The experience of nature is inevitably evanescent, but its embodiment in art can partake of eternity.”