Ode to my Architect: Harmony of an Islamic Art

November 10, 2012 - January 06, 2013

Canadian-Pakistani-American Uzma Mirza has spent her working career as an Architect, but in her studio practice, she tends to a Spiritual Art, which is informed by her life as a human, a Western Muslim woman, and as an Architect striving to be in balance with nature, humanity and society.  As a practicing Architect, she builds green buildings, which is her outward action towards sustainability in a world that is imbalanced, as she phrases, a world against reason.  In her Visual art pursuit, which is her inner action, she infuses an Islamic calligraphy with architectural light, spaces and form, harmonious pieces of the natural world, and the tonal colors of sound to produce a lyrical Art, or an ‘Ode’, as a vehicle of expression to unravel the puzzle of the human condition of the self like a tin man with a heart.

Join us November 10 for a reception at 1:00pm with Uzma Mirza, followed by the Fort Wayne premiere at 2:00pm of Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World, produced by Unity Productions Foundation.