Terry Pulley: New Abstractions

August 05, 2017 - October 01, 2017

Having long declared himself a painter of landscapes and still lifes, Pulley unveils a new series of abstract paintings that opens a new chapter for the Wabash, Ind.-based painter.

Pulley’s career as a contemporary Hoosier Impressionist has made him a prolific creator of dynamically layered still lifes and landscapes inspired by the beauty of Northern Indiana. He has said that color, rhythmic patterns of light and shade fill his canvases. Not to be chained by the restrictions of realism, his focus has been more on his inward expression of a subject than trying to capture its exact representation.

With his new series of abstract paintings, Pulley continues to harness the power of showing us this unique inner world that yearns to express the essence of things. With acrylics his medium of choice, this material is well suited to his style of rapid execution and penchant for bold, vibrant colors.

This exhibition is curated by Elizabeth Goings, Exhibitions Content Manager.