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FWMoA Photography Policies

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General Guests

Photography of art in the exhibitions is limited to non-flash photography for personal use only. Social media uploading of personal photography is encouraged using the hashtag #fwmoa. General guests are not permitted to use tripods or lights in the exhibitions.

Photography must be conducted without disruption to Museum operations or limitation to the accessibility of exhibitions, entrances/exits, doorways, or pathways.

Climbing on outdoor sculptures is prohibited.


Media may photograph or film within designated areas of the FWMoA for the purpose of news coverage. All members of the media must make arrangements with the Marketing Department calling 260 422-6467 prior to their arrival, and a member of the FWMoA staff must accompany your crew for the duration of the shoot.

Photography and Video Shoots

Anyone wishing to photograph or film at FWMoA for commercial, creative or personal use such as wedding and engagement shoots, must make a request with the Marketing Department at 260 422-6467.
The location, purpose and use of captured material must be disclosed to FWMoA and may be grounds for rejection of your request to film at FWMoA. Shoots involving nudity, vulgar behavior or illegal activity will not be accepted.
If your request is approved, a fee of $25 for up to two named photographers/videographers will be charged. Additional crew may be approved upon request and a $10 fee per crew member will be charged. Student crews wishing to film for class projects will not be required to pay fees.

Further, if your request is approved, the following guidelines will apply:

Photographers or members of their crew must display a visitor badge for the duration of the shoot.
Shoots involving animals (not including necessary service animals) are not allowed.
Payment of fees is due on or before the shoot date.
A member of FWMoA staff must accompany your crew for the duration of the shoot.